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Tech Tip: no commitment stickers

Hey friends!  As my title suggests, today, I have a tech tip: no commitment stickers to share with you.  I don’t know about you, but my scrapbook process is basically pushing paper and embellishments around until I like where it lands.  I’m also indecisive and change my mind often, so I try things out in different locations, take pictures on my iPhone, and then decide which I like best.  Glueing is the very last step of my process!  Unfortunately, stickers kind of hinder that process since they already have adhesive on them.

I’ve got a few tricks that can help:

1.  Remove the tackiness on stickers using powder tools, or anti static bags.  I have 2 different kinds.  One is a small cloth bag filled with powder (this tool dispenses the most powder), and the other is a powder brush tool by EK success.  You can also DIY your own powder tool by cutting a piece of an old pair of opaque stockings, filling it with baby powder, and tying the ends in a tight knot!

You just rub the back of your stickers with the tool to remove the stickiness.  Then you can move your stickers around on your layout!  Once you decide on a perfect spot, just add a bit of your favorite adhesive and stick it down!

ahsang SC sing 4


ahsang SC sing 2

2.  My second trick, the one I prefer, especially for alpha stickers, is to use a piece of wax paper.  I place my stickers onto the wax paper, and move it around on my layout.  The wax paper is transparent enough to see through, and I don’t loose the adhesive on the sticker.  Wax paper is inexpensive, and I find it in my grocery store by the foil & saran wrap.  I keep a roll in my desk drawer specifically for scrapbooking!

ahsang SC sing 3


I hope these tricks help you out!  I know it was a game changer for me!

Here is the layout I created using May’s Here & Now kit, and May’s embellishment add-on You & Me.

ahsang SC sing


Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!

Tech Tip: Altered Acrylic Sentiments

Hello! Jennifer here with my first project as a member of the Scrapbook Circle creative team. I am so excited to be here and even more excited about May’s kit – Here & Now.

May’s kit comes with a fantastic cut file that I enlarged and used as a background on my layout. However, I loved the Jillibean Soup acrylic shapes and knew I wanted to include them on this project.


These pictures of my son are some of my favorites, but the color photos weren’t jiving with the patterned papers. To remedy this, I converted them to black and white, chose a subtle patterned paper, and decided to make everything pop with black and white accents.


I wanted to give the acrylic sentiments some emphasis, so I used black paint and covered the back of each of the words. When the paint wasn’t drying fast enough for my liking, I decided to speed up the process by using my heat gun. Oops! Within a few seconds, the acrylic started shriveling and changing shape much like a Shrinky Dink (if you are old enough to remember what those are)! However, I really liked the effect and decided to “melt” both of the words. Sometimes happy accidents occur when you’re crafting, and this was one of those times.


To finish the layout, I fussy cut several shapes from the Amy Tangerine Better Together acetate sheet and clustered them around the photo. I also added some paint splatters and attached a strip of patterned paper across the photos with my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher.



I hope that you are inspired to create something fun today and enjoy the process along the way!


Tech Tip: Fringe Heart

Hi everyone, Gina here today to share a new tech tip with you!  Inspired by the Crate paper fringe hearts in the Stay Cool add-on kit this month, I decided to create my own fringe heart using the beautiful patterned papers from the One Fine Day kit.  To create my fringe heart, I first opened Silhouette Studio and downloaded a file from their store called 4 Seamless Fringe Borders by Lori Whitlock.  Next, I chose my favorite fringe design from the set and placed it on my design page.

Gina Lideros Fringe Heart1


Next, I chose different papers from the kit and cut them out one by one.  If you don’t have a die cut machine, you can create your own fringe pieces by using fringe scissors, a paper trimmer or regular scissors. Note: the corrugated paper included in the kit was too thick to put through my machine, so I hand cut that one myself.

Gina Lideros Fringe Heart 2


Next, open up your favorite heart design or shape of your choice, resize it to your liking.

Gina Lideros Fringe Heart2Gina Lideros Fringe Heart3


Cut out your design on a scrap piece of cardstock paper.  Carefully layer your fringe paper strips one by one until your cut out shape is filled and adhere down.  Use scissors to cut off excess pieces.


Gina Lideros Fringe Heart 4


Next, use a sewing machine to stitch any loose fringe layers down and adhere to your layout.  Embellish with your favorite stickers and pieces. I loved the colorful papers and “Live Colorfully” die cut word so much that I decided to paint my background paper with watercolors.

Gina Lideros Fringe Heart4 Gina Lideros Fringe Heart5

Gina Lideros Fringe Heart6


We would LOVE to see any of your creations using our Scrapbook Circle kits, please feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram with @scrapbook_circle.


Tech Tip: Making your own oversized alphas.

Oversized alphas have been all the rage recently, and I love them!  However, you don’t always have the right color or you run out of certain letters too soon.  In those instances, I like to make my own.  Sometimes, I go for a more carefree, hand cut look.  This time, I decided to go for a more structured, even look.

Here’s how:

1.  Decide on a title.  Then, I get on the computer and in a word document, I type out the title.  I mess around with fonts and sizes, until I find something I like.  Note:  You will have to go pretty high on the font size…this is at 325 pt.

2.  Print it (I use the economy setting to save on ink) on regular copy paper, and cut it out.

ahsang SC Emma 3

3.  Pick the pattern paper(s) that you want to use.  I decided to use the corrugated mint cardstock.  FLIP the paper over, and flip the letters over, so that the back of the paper and the back of the letters are facing you, and trace using a pencil.  You could easily trace the letters right side up on the front of the pattern paper, but I like to flip the paper and the letters over, so I don’t have to worry about erasing pencil lines later.

ahsang SC Emma 4


4.  Carefully cut out the letters!  It helps to have small sharp scissors!

ahsang SC Emma 5


Now, you have oversized alphas in the exact color and style you want, and you can attach it with whatever adhesive you choose!  I used low profile foam squares.

ahsang SC Emma 2

And here is my final project:

ahsang SC Emma 1


I hope you enjoyed my tech tip today, and I hope you’ll give it a try!  Have a great day!

DT Choice: Sewing on a page

Jennifer Larson here, and I have to admit that I sew on a layout whenever I get the chance. I wanted to share some ideas for how I determine where to sew on a page. Here’s the layout:

Ready to Dig by Jennifer Larson


I chose to stitch in a few ways on this page that are pretty typical for me. As you can see above, I sewed the little letter stickers down for the title. I tend to do that to keep them on the page.

Ready to Dig details 2

In this close up, you can also see that I sewed embellishments down as well. I tend to do that with a banner, like I did here, or tags.

Ready to Dig details 3

With this final shot, you can see that I also looked for lines in the patterned paper and added stitches to the paper’s lines, just to add a little texture. Here’s some sewing ideas I might use for other pages:

  1. sewing down a thin strip of paper
  2. sewing down journaling strips
  3. anchoring acetate embellishments
  4. sewing down photos
  5. adding photo corners or frames
  6. sewing lines for hand journaling.

Thank you for letting me share some ideas for adding hand or machine stitching to your pages! If you try something out, please share your page on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook Page, and happy sewing!

Designer’s Choice: using the mask

Hello! It’s Jennifer Larson sharing a technique I did with the mask this month. Here’s my page:

Love This by Jennifer Larson

I normally use masks for ink or mist, but in this case I wanted to add glitter to go with the gold title and accents on the page. Here’s what I did:

1. I lay the mask on the page where I wanted the cascading hearts to be.

2. Using a sharp pencil, I lightly outlined the hearts through the mask, then removed the mask.

3. Using a glue pen (I used Zig 2-way glue pen), I drew some glue on the outlined hearts, a few at a time, then sprinkled glitter on top, then tapped the glitter off onto a tray.

4. I repeated step 3 until all the hearts were gold.

5. Once the glue dried, I used a toothpick to fleck off any stray glitter and sharpen the hearts’ outlines and an eraser to remove as many of the visible outlines as I could.

I hope this gives you an idea for how to use your mask this month!

Let the Glitter Fall Where It May – Tutorial

Hi there and Happy December!  This is Jenni here to share another non-photo layout I made using the December ‘We Are Made of Stories’ kit.  I also have a few tips for glittering wood veneer.  I did a project last month that I used on my mantle as part of my Fall decor and thought I might do the same for Christmas!

SBC_Have yourself a MERRY_Dec 2014 border

I used my Silhouette Cameo to die cut the title from the center of a piece of patterned paper from Pink Pailsee.  I backed the negative spaces behind the words using more paper from Elle’s Studio and the 6×6 Pink Pailsee pad, part of the ‘Favorite Elf’ Add-On.  Inspired by all the metallics included in the kit, I knew I wanted to use glitter and embossing powder on the wood veneer!

SBC_Have yourself a MERRY_Dec 2014 (2)

These are the supplies I used.  Gold and silver glitter, gold & silver embossing powder, Versamark ink, glittering glue (any white craft glue would work) and of course the wood veneer.

SBC_Have yourself a MERRY_Dec 2014 (4)

I made a paste of 2 parts water to one part glue in a jar and mixed it well.  Although the glittering glue helps, it is watering it down that keeps it from clumping.

SBC_Have yourself a MERRY_Dec 2014 (7)

I used a small brush to paint a thin layer of glue onto part of each snowflake and dropped it into a pile of glitter.

SBC_Have yourself a MERRY_Dec 2014 (6)

Working in two batches, one for each color, I used my tweezers to hold the snowflake and tap off the excess glitter.  I kept tapping until nothing else fell off!  The tweezers are also great to hold something small when heat embossing.

SBC_Have yourself a MERRY_Dec 2014 (10)

One of the best tips I ever heard was from Wilna Furstenburg who suggested a lint roller to pick up excess glitter!  It works unbelievably well!

SBC_Have yourself a MERRY_Dec 2014 (23)

I had originally planned to arrange the snowflakes in a circle but decided on a heart  instead, making a bow at the top with the twine included in the kit.  I also layered gold and silver thread onto the paper before adhering the wood veneer to the background.  I matted the whole project onto another piece of the patterned paper from Pink Paislee to frame it and add stability.

I love glitter all year, but especially around the holidays.  Share how you used the wood veneer snowflakes or other parts of the December kit on our Facebook Page.  Happy Holidays!

Take 2 – Measuring Up

This is my first time trying a ‘Take 2’. I guess I’m not so much in the habit of revisiting what I have already done.  However, as it turns out, this will be my third layout based off of this design concept.  I originally took it from an art piece I saw on Pinterest that I fell in love with.
The first layout you see is one I did using Scrapbook Circle’s February kit Story Time and the add-on for that month.  You can see that it is strips and lots of sewing along with a bit of embellishment.  However, I didn’t get any journaling onto this particular page..
This month, I wanted to try that design again, however, I’m not one to repeat something precisely so I had to think about how I wanted to keep the same idea but change the final look of the page.
So I decided to use the strips as sort of a ‘slash’ across the page to ‘point’ to the photo.  I also wanted to inlcude a lot of journaling as I talked about some feelings I’ve been having regarding measuring up.  The large space below the photo was the perfect place for me to include my story.
This is actually fairly simple to accomplish with the only real tricky part being getting the right cut angle on things that you desire. I used a large square see-through ruler that had 45 degree angles marked on it to get it right.  Other than that, simply cut your strips and sew them down to a base cardstock and then go from there.


I feel like the final page has a similar feel, but is enough different that I don’t feel like I just did the same thing over again.  Have you done a Take 2 from your gallery?  Show us on our Facebook Page, you never know we may use your layout in a future blog post.


Use What You Have

What has been going on in your life lately?  Did you get to be there? Or is it a story told to you by family members who went on their own?
I am a picture taking fiend.  I take photos with the pages I will later create in mind.  I take details and panoramas and individual and group shots.  If there are signs, I take shots of those too.  But in the case of the event I scrapped below, I had to make due with the images my non-picture taking hubby supplied me.
He and our son, along with some other guys from our church, went to a recent Promise Keepers event.  They had a great time and two pretty full days of events.  I believe I was given about 5 or 6 total photos, 2/3 of which were blurry.
So, I used what I had and made the page work to tell the story using journaling and the great products found in the June kits, First Avenue and Going Downtown.
In the end, I am really happy with the result.  The photos don’t show the detail I would have captured, but evidently, this is what seemed important to the guys that were there and so that becomes what is important on my page.



  1. One of the unique features of this page is that I wanted to use the ABC stickers included in the kit to spell the word ‘NOT’ in my title, but I wanted it to be Orange to match the fun Basic Grey Rubons.  Not to worry, I used my Versamark ink to ink the letter stickers and then embossed them using an Orange tinted embossing powder.

I framed on of the rub-ons with a mini chipboard polaroid frame which I inked the edges of to make it stand out. I also like the texture provided by the canvas trim included in the kit.
Have you got some examples of ‘making it work’ from your own scrapbooks?  Please share them on our Facebook page!

Die Cut Cards

Hi, Daniela here with a layout  from the March kit – Charmed Life.

When I saw  Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm Die Cut Cards in the kit, I immediately wanted to use them as masks to mist, paint and trace. There are ten cards in the package.

Bubbles by Daniela Dobson

I placed the hearts Die Cut card on my layout and I used some washi tape to secure it in place. I used Chalkboard paint and a sponge to sponge the paint on.  The chalkboard paint dries really fast.

Hearts mask Daniela Dobson

Once the paint is dry lift the stencil. I can see myself using the stencil like it is painted, or use it again as a mask with mists.

Bubbles close by Daniela Dobson

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you give this technique a try.   Make sure you share your projects on our Facebook page.