Boyce Thompson-another page in the Adventure book

By Diana Waite

September 21, 2017

Hello!  Diana here-I wanted to share with you another page in the adventure book of my daughter-these are pages created from her adventures in College from pictures that I downloaded from her social media-there is ALWAYS a way to scrap pictures! 😉

I am honestly loving how quickly these layouts come together in the Traveler’s notebook-I don’t know why I held off for so long!

In this spread I really like how the gold of the arrows, photo corners, and cactus washi tape draws your eye across the page.  And as you notice below the picture of the girls walking away I left some space for my daughter to journal about her adventure.

I honestly LOVE these large cactus-perfect for this spread as this Arboretum is a place with many different kinds of cactus and other desert plants.

Thanks for popping in, the Paradise Cove kit is AWESOME!

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