May Guest Designer – Stephanie Buice

Hi there Friends!  Today we are looking at the second project from our May Guest Designer, the uber talented Stephanie Buice!  Before we get to her layout, let’s learn a little bit more about Stephanie.  As part of usual Guest Designer Post, I asked her to answer a few of the questions I am always curious about other designers.

1. When do you do your scrapbooking…do you set specific time aside or wait until you are feeling creative??

Nap Time! I think it’s one of my favorite times of the day ha! When my son lays down for his nap is when I usually fit my work in. Although he’s now 5 so his naps have  become more like quiet play, but at this point in the game I’ll just take whatever I can get lol.

2. Do you keep a Planner or Memory Keeper? Or both??

Yes! I’m a Happy Planner girl. Although it is way less decorated than it used to be, I still enjoy dressing it up a bit from time to time so it’s mainly just me chicken scratching everything in with random stickers that make me smile.

3. Name 3 things you couldn’t craft without!!

Ohhh, three things I couldn’t craft without, hmm… Daylight! I have no clue why but as soon as it’s dark I just can’t get anything done in here, Alphabet stickers, and some sort of die cuts. My current style is so much less fussy than it has been in the past, I’m not sure if it’s more of a style change or if its the honest truth glaring me in the face that I just don’t have as much time as I used to.

Here is Stephanie’s page using the May main kit, “Take Note” and a few pieces of the “Here We Go”  Add-On.  She also gives us some insight to her creative process below.

“The patterned papers in this kit were some of my favorites I’ve seen in a while, I think they were pretty versatile. Some were playful and colorful, but some were still soft enough to keep things simple. The first thing I did for this one was cut out the word “LOVE”. At first I thought my title was going to be “LOVE YOU”, but I later decided against that and just added the You Make Me Happy underneath of it.”

“Every Sunday while we wait a few minutes before heading into church my son likes to take what he calls our “Sunday Selfies”. They’re usually blurry from him jumping around the car next to  me or awkward ones of him kissing my cheek (those are usually my favorites ha!). Anyways, I wanted to scrap a few to remember how much he enjoys taking them because it’s just a simple thing that makes us happy.”

“I mixed in a few of the die cuts and added more of the floral washi along the bottom.  All in all a simple page, but I like all the color I was still able to fit in. Thanks again for having me as the May guest designer, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my projects!”

Stephanie has such a great eye for combining color and pattern.  She always knows exactly how much to add without overwhelming the photos and the story.  Looking at her work always leaves a smile on my face…her style is just in a word…happy!! 🙂

Thank you so much sweet Stephanie, for sharing a piece of yourself and your creative formula with us!  And thank you for sharing some of your day time with us.  You can find Stephanie at the links listed below.  Have a great (Memorial Day, for the U.S.) weekend!

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