1 Product 2 Ways – Scrapbook Circle Cork Embellishments

This Tuesday we are going to feature a Scrapbook Circle Exclusive embellishment that is part of the May “Take Note” kit.  The cork heart pieces are used as a singular focus in the title of Dona’s layout below.

“When I first got the kit, I laid it out all over my table to take it all in and one of the ”love” cork hearts landed by the word “story” and immediately I thought of using one heart as part of my title. So, I highlighted the cork heart embellishments by using it as part of a title with this layout about my daughter’s love of nature.”

Kelly uses her cork hearts to make more af a pattern on her page…check out her layout and description below:

“I love to use like embellishments in groups of three! After lining the first three hearts along the left side of the page, I thought it would be a unique touch to add the remaining three to the edge of the right side. I trimmed off the over hang, and the result added some much needed balance.”

What beautiful creations girls!  I love the cork addition to Dona’s title which brings out the subject of her photo, not to mention her stitching and watercolor lettering.  And Kelly’s offset composition is such a wonderful balance of color and an inspiring study in composition!

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