Tech Tip: Creating Fringe

By Allie Stewart

January 11, 2017

Hello there! Today I have a tip to share on how to create a fringe background or layering piece. The January Love Notes kit has a gorgeous fringe patterned paper that I couldn’t wait to use! I wanted to cut it up and create actual fringe from the printed fringe design. I started by cutting pieces from the patterned paper.



I cut strips from the fringe. Each strip was one full bit of fringe, and then about 1/2″ above it. Clear as mud? The point was to have some room above the strip once the fringe is cut so that you can adhere it to something.img_9499

Once I had the strips of fringe cut, I adhered them to one another using the bit of each strip that didn’t get trimmed. Here is what I ended up with:




And here is the layout I created using my fringe piece!




I hope you feel inspired to create some fringe. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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