wonderland – Guest Designer December 2016

By Jenni Calma

December 23, 2016

Hello!! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve Eve!  Ready of not, Christmas is almost here.  I may not be ready yet, but it looks like our Guest Designer, Elizabeth Gardner is!  Her second LO below, using the December ‘Everyday Stories’ kit uses a non-traditional color palette.  We also learn a little more about Elizabeth with a fun Q&A!


Elizabeth creates an interesting  background that reminds me of the sand on a beach.  The wood grain paper she uses provides direction and flow to her colorful punched snowflakes.  The colors are a wonderful complement to the photographs, which are a combination of black & white and color.  The black and white photo is the perfect place for her title to dance across, without taking away from the photo.  And personally, anything with this gold glittered WONDERLAND banner from Crate Paper, looks amazing!


I asked Elizabeth some fun questions and I adore her answers…

1.  What is your creative process like?? 

For me it usually starts with a photo. I typically edit it on my phone and print straight from there when I’m ready to scrap. I gather supplies and just start pushing things around until something sparks…  I try not to force a design to happen. I let the photos and supplies speak to me and go from there.
Do you sit down to create or wait until you feel creative?
Both. I feel like if I waited to “feel creative” I wouldn’t scrap as often as I do. I like to sit down with some inspirational items (a new product I’m excited about or a special snapshot) and try to tap into a creative flow. Sometimes I can pump out the projects and other times nothing comes to me so I get up and try again at another time. I’m a former commercial artist so I’m used to working under deadline but some days it just doesn’t happen. I’ve learned to go with the flow.
2.  Where to you turn for creative inspiration??
I am truly inspired by products. Sometimes its a brand new line that I can’t wait to get my hands on and then the ideas just fly out of me. Sometimes it’s an old item that I find stowed away and I have to find a way to use it immediately. I’m a real nerd for this stuff, so for me the designs on these scrapbook products are a great starting place for projects.
3.  Pick one: 
Twitter or Instagram?
  Instagram all the way
Scissors or Paper Trimmer?
  Scissors. (because somehow I can never find the trimmer)
Early Bird or Night Owl?
   Middle of the day Canary?
Real tree or Artificial?
   Real. Little full, lotta sap.
Coffee or Soda?
   You can not make me pick one because I love them both.. as long as the coffee has so much cream in it it’s no longer coffee.
Peanut M&M or Plain?
   Peanut. Although I don’t really like chocolate. (I know, don’t hate me!!)


I love asking quick questions like that…but, not like chocolate?!?

We have so enjoyed having Elizabeth as a Guest this month.  Her free and fun personality shine through her projects and always make me smile.  They are simple, yet clearly, thoughtfully organized!  One of my favorite parts of her pages is her handwriting.  Another simple, personal touch that adds so much!

Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your crafty energy with us during this hectic time of year!  We wish you a very Happy Holiday and all the best for 2017!!

And Thank YOU for stopping by the Blog today.  Any crafty energy you want to share with us, go over the the Facebook Scrapbook Circle of Friends page and load it up!

I hope you have an amazing day!

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