The Telephone game with Diana

By Diana Waite

October 17, 2016

The telephone game as a kid made me crack up as a kid!  A few years ago my kids got me a FANTASTIC game for Christmas called Telestrations, if you haven’t heard of it it’s just like the telephone game with words and pictures–one of our family favorites.  Well today I would like to talk about the telephone game in a different way, lifting another design team member’s layout, for my lift I was able to use the talented Neela’s layout:

Isn’t it AWESOME!  I love her pops of elements and square background behind the picture, I like the idea of one picture so I used that for my layout.  I also loved the touch of gold in the title.  Here is my take on the layout:fabuloussmiledw

Because this is a picture of my kids, niece and nephew and mom I wanted to create a layout that really exemplified my mom–she makes BEAUTIFUL quilts, with that in mind I tried to think like her as I pieced my background together.

Thanks for joining me in the telephone game today. If you do plan to lift any of the pages from the Ideas gallery this month don’t forget to post them in the Scrapbook Circle of Friends page on Facebook. We would all love to see your creations.

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