Tech Tip: More Uses Out Of Patterned Paper

Hello! Thank you for visiting the blog. It’s Claudia here with you and today I’m sharing a quick tip that could hopefully be useful. We all love to use patterned paper on our layouts, whether it’s for layering, cutting through them with our Silhouette, or just placing strips of it in the background – we use it all the time. But I personally really like to take a more in depth look at my papers and see what else I can use them for. There’s always the really obvious papers that are good to cut up like florals, basic shapes, etc but there’s a lot more you could do.

The first thing I do is go through the papers I have available to me and select the ones that I think have the most useful elements to cut up, out of this month’s papers I chose these ones;


The florals, hearts and leafs might seem really obvious but at a closer look I also found that for example the branding strip on one of the papers had a really cool looking arrow and I cut out some words from the typewriter background in the floral paper. Something I normally wouldn’t have done, but I like how it’s adding something a little bit different to the layout I will create;


I am a bit lazy when it comes to fussy cutting so for the purpose of this tip I only cut out the ones I thought were most useful to point out, but of course you could for example cut out a bunch of arrows and place them in a circular position pointing towards the center where your photo would be. There’s so many ways to use paper.

I kept my layout quite simple, but sometimes less is more;

techtip3 techtip4

Thank you for joining me today, I hope this inspires you to take a look at your papers (and even your branding strips!) and see if there’s anything you can cut up to use on your layouts. Have a great day! 🙂

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