How To Use Extra Paper : Branding Strips

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog. It’s Claudia here with you today and I’m sharing a layout I made using (mostly) the patterned papers in this month’s kit. I love patterned paper and I find that in getting the paper add on I use them in a more creative way and I’m not as ‘afraid’ to cut into them. I often use my patterned papers for layering but of course there’s a million things you can do with it. Every patterned paper has a branding strip, which I usually cut off before starting working with the paper. Most of the time they end up at the side of my desk, just waiting for me to use it up. Most of the time I don’t, which is why I decided to change that and I thought that with having the extra paper add on it was the perfect time to use branding strips on my layout because double the patterned paper = double the branding strips.

Not all companies do branding strips the same way; on some papers the branding strip will be 12″ long while on others it’s only 6″ or less. I cut off all branding strips from all the papers I got this month and cut them in tiny strips. I then started layering them on top of each other to fill up my background. Using these branding strips on your background is not only a great way to get a use out of them, it’s also a really fun and easy way to create an interesting background because you’re adding a lot of color and different patterns to it (of course you can also decide to go with a more monotone color scheme if you wish to do so).

If you want to add even more patterns to the mix, you could consider cutting a few strips off of other papers.




After I was done sticking down all the strips I started embellishing my layout. I added a few puffy stickers, layered an ampersand behind my photo and even added a few bits and pieces from last month’s add on kit because the orange ephemera pieces matched perfectly with the layout.

If you have a stitching machine (or you could hand stitch) you could stitch through (some of) these strips to add extra detail to them and make your layout stand out even more.


Thank you for joining me today. I hope you feel inspired by my layout. Even if you don’t have the paper add on this month, I ‘challenge’ you to dig up those branding strips and have a play with them – you won’t regret it!

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