1 Product 2 Ways – Illustrates Faith Enamel Hearts

By Jenni Calma

June 14, 2016

Hi there!!  Welcome to our first June ‘1 Product 2 Ways’ post featuring the fun Bella Blvd. Illustrates Faith Enamel Hearts.  These bright embellishment stickers are part of the ‘Now or Never’ kit.  Let’s see what Allie and Neela created for us!

_MG_6920Allie made the most adorable layout and used the hearts in a way I wouldn’t have thought of…here are her thoughts:

“I was inspired to use the enamel hearts to create my background. I used a ruler to trace pencil lines across my cardstock, then added stitching holes. I used embroidery floss in colors that corresponded with the hearts to stitch across the page! When it was all done, I was left with a fun and unique background, and I still had some hearts left over!”
Isn’t her stitching and color matching amazing??  Love it!

Next, Neela ironically used the same patterned paper for her background, contrasting it with this vibrant green and her black and white photo.
Below is Neela’s description behind her gorgeous creation:
“The enamel hearts are bright and cheerful. The first photo that came to mind when I saw these hearts was that of my son with the dandelion. We had been searching around for them in the parks and along our walk to school and never found any. But when he found this, he was super excited and as luck would have it I had my DSLR with me. I love this photo and the spirit behind it. It is filled with love and something my son had been wanting to do. The use of these hearts was perfect for this photo. I used them as little separators/bullets between each of the reasons to love this kid. I love that the colors, sizes and slightly wonky shapes of the hearts makes this layout so playful and happy.”


I love both of these projects…they had a lot in common, lots of similar colors, papers and a single photo, but the hearts were used in 2 different variations.  I  look forward to these projects every week to see how different designers come up with inspiring ideas for us!  Great job ladies!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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