Tech Tip: no commitment stickers

Hey friends!  As my title suggests, today, I have a tech tip: no commitment stickers to share with you.  I don’t know about you, but my scrapbook process is basically pushing paper and embellishments around until I like where it lands.  I’m also indecisive and change my mind often, so I try things out in different locations, take pictures on my iPhone, and then decide which I like best.  Glueing is the very last step of my process!  Unfortunately, stickers kind of hinder that process since they already have adhesive on them.

I’ve got a few tricks that can help:

1.  Remove the tackiness on stickers using powder tools, or anti static bags.  I have 2 different kinds.  One is a small cloth bag filled with powder (this tool dispenses the most powder), and the other is a powder brush tool by EK success.  You can also DIY your own powder tool by cutting a piece of an old pair of opaque stockings, filling it with baby powder, and tying the ends in a tight knot!

You just rub the back of your stickers with the tool to remove the stickiness.  Then you can move your stickers around on your layout!  Once you decide on a perfect spot, just add a bit of your favorite adhesive and stick it down!

ahsang SC sing 4


ahsang SC sing 2

2.  My second trick, the one I prefer, especially for alpha stickers, is to use a piece of wax paper.  I place my stickers onto the wax paper, and move it around on my layout.  The wax paper is transparent enough to see through, and I don’t loose the adhesive on the sticker.  Wax paper is inexpensive, and I find it in my grocery store by the foil & saran wrap.  I keep a roll in my desk drawer specifically for scrapbooking!

ahsang SC sing 3


I hope these tricks help you out!  I know it was a game changer for me!

Here is the layout I created using May’s Here & Now kit, and May’s embellishment add-on You & Me.

ahsang SC sing


Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!

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