Tech Tip: Layering

Hey everyone! It’s Claudia here today with a technique tip for you all. I decided to do one about layering. I know that this topic has been covered before, but I thought that my personal thought process behind layering and tips could still be useful to some of you.


Whenever I start a new layout, layering is always the first thing I do. First you select the papers you want to use for your layering, since everything in the kit coordinates perfectly that shouldn’t be a problem. You might not end up using them all but it’s nice to have options, right? Do you have a busy paper that you don’t know how to use? Use it for layering! That way some of the pattern and colors will still be showing, but not in a way that it would be too much.


I personally like to scrap with square photos so most of the time I will trim down my photo just a little bit, but this is up to your personal preference. One of the things that I like with layering is to make the layers ‘uneven’ which means that I don’t cut around the whole photo with every layer. Another tip I’d like to give you is that if one layer is a busy paper, the next one should be more subtle/basic. One of the things I also really love to include with layering is a different type of paper, for example acetate or vellum – I find that the different texture mixed in with the rest always looks really interesting.

After I finish the layering for my photo I move on to embellishing the rest of my layout but the layering isn’t done quite yet. One thing I often like to do is use ephemera pieces for layering. Some ephemera pieces are already perfect to use for layering as they are (labels, florals, tags, etc) so you can just tuck them in underneath your layers. But what do we do with the ephemera pieces we’re not sure how to use up? You guessed it; layering! Whenever I have some ephemera pieces I struggle with I usually cut them in half and use them as layering pieces behind my photo. This makes your layering look more interesting but also gives your ephemera pieces a different use – especially those ones that we’re not so sure about.


This is how I approach layering. I hope that you found some of these tips useful and that you will consider trying them out in your own projects. Thank you for joining me today. Did you know that we now have a Facebook group? We would love for you to join us and share what you create with the kits. You can take a look at the group here.




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