Tech Tip: Typing on photos

By Neela Nalam

April 13, 2016

Typing on photos is one of my favorite go to techniques these days. Here is a layout that I made using this technique:

Happy with footer


You will need to plan ahead in order to do this. The planning starts right when you take your pictures. If you plan on writing on your photo or typing on your photo, you will have to compose your shot in such a way that there is enough plain background on your photo so that your text pops and is legible. In my photo, the plain background is the sky. I also like giant photos. I edited my photo so that it’s size is 11 inches x 6 inches. I planned to use the ‘HAPPY’ word from the Bella Blvd chipboard stickers. The height of the letters was one inch. So I enabled the grid with photoshop elements 14 and figured out where my text needs to start from as I wanted the title on the very top. I used the text tool in photoshop elements 14 to draw a text box and type my text inside it. Once I finished my typing, I moved and re-sized the text box for fine tuning the placement of the text.

Happy typing screenshot


Here is the printed photo with the text:Happy with text


When I have giant photos, I usually keep my embellishments minimal. I also realized that there was a bunch of plain area on the grass. So I decided to use the elle’s studio bits to fill that space. I selected a couple of patterned papers and cut out strips to add on either side of the photo. I used the puffy sequins to create a visual triangle across the layout. Here are a couple of close ups of the layout:Happy sneak 1

Happy sneak 2


Hope you enjoyed the tip and hope you will try typing on your photos too!

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