Design Choice-Squares.

By Diana Waite

April 16, 2016


DianaWadventureI really loved how this page turned out-I cut my squares by creating squares of different sizes in my digital cutting program.  They are concentric squares, if you wanted to hand cut squares with a ruler and a X-acto knife you would get the same affect.  THANKFULLY the papers included in the One Fine day kit are double sided, making it easier to alternate the papers on the page.  I next sewed from one edge of the square to another not quite making the edge-I did this on purpose to give it a touch of whimsy.  I then sewed around the outer square and pushed up the edges of the paper to give it more dimension.

It may sound complicated but it really was like a puzzle making all the pieces all fit together.  After all of the squares were done it was just a manner of embellishing and adding the picture.  I added the picture with a pop dot lifted off of the page.

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