Tech Tip: Economical 3×3 Prints Tutorial

Hello! I am excited about this new feature here on the Scrapbook Circle blog – Tech Tips! Every Wednesday a member of the creative team will be sharing a tip for technology or a technique. To kick off this new blog series, I am sharing a photo printing tutorial. I am asked often about how I print the 3×3 square photos that I almost always use on my layouts. Many online services offer square photo printing, but the cost is much more than a typical 4×6. To get around that, I collage two square photos onto a 4×6 base. The best part? The photo editing service is easily accessible online and the basic version is free! Check it out at

1. First, edit your photos so that they are square. You can do this on Picmonkey using the crop feature. Select “square” in the drop down menu and position and size to your liking. Save the square photos.

2. Next, from the Picmonkey home screen, select “collage”. You will be prompted to upload a photo, so upload two square photos.

picmonkey tutorial 1

3. The template that comes up is exactly the one you want for this technique, although I highly suggest playing around with other sizes (nine little squares fit nicely on a 4×6 too). Drag your photos into the boxes.

picmonkey tutorial 2

4. If you want true 3×3 prints, select “background” (the paint palette).

picmonkey tutorial 3

5. Slide “spacing” all the way to zero. If you want a built-in photo mat, size the spacing larger.

picmonkey tutorial 4

6. Click on “edit”. Once you do so, you can’t go back and make changes, so be sure that you are ready to move forward. Click on “crop” and select 4×6 in the drop down menu. Crop your image to 4×6, making sure that all edges of your square photos are visible. There will be a 1×6 blank margin.

7. Save and print.

1 (1 of 1)

So, there you have it – my not-so-secret-anymore technique for printing 3×3 photos on the cheap! What about you? Do you do something similar with another program or service? What kind of tech tips would you like to see in the future? Feel free to comment below and thank you for stopping by today!

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  • christina

    thank you for this tutorial! I’ve been “out of commission” with printing and editing for awhile now and need to start doing this with my printer at home!

    March 8th, 2016 at 6:50 am

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