Designer’s choice: Using lines

I am a fairly linear scrapbooker, and one way that makes it easy for me to design pages is using lines. Here’s a page where the entire layouts is built around lines:

Why Hello Water by Jennifer Larson

Here’s how I used lines on the page as I designed it:

  1. I made the patterned paper base horizontally linear, the bottom 2/3 one color, and the upper 1/3 another pattern.
  2. Around the top 1/3, I added strips of patterned paper and washi.
  3. I added the photos in a line; the embellishments lying over them are also linear.
  4. The banners are in a line too, and I stitched them down to overlap them and the photos with a line of stitches.
  5. The title is also stitched over in several lines, as is the embellishment cluster on the top.
  6. The top embellishment cluster uses a tag and word strip that are linear.
  7. Finally, the journaling strips on the bottom finish the lines.

Scrapbooking using lines from the top of the page to the bottom is an easy and visually pleasing way to create a page. I tend to use horizontal lines, but the same thing can be done with vertical lines too. Try it out!

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