Create a Quick Layout Background

By Lisa Andrews

March 19, 2016

Hello! Today I want to share a tip for creating a quick custom layout background using 6X6 paper. For my layout, I decided that I wanted to mix a few different patterned papers for a backdrop of my page. I hadn’t cut into any of my March Oh Happy Day 12X12 paper yet and I didn’t want to cut them into pieces in case I wanted whole sheets for other layouts. The good news was that the Beautiful Day add-on this month included a 6X6 paper pad from Elle’s Studio. I think cutting up those 6X6 papers is a perfect way to mix several patterns on one page without needing to cut those bigger 12X12 paper.


I just flipped through the paper stack and pull out a few of my favorites. Several of the papers had a black and white color scheme and then a couple had some pops of color. Too many colors and patterns would be distracting to the page, so sticking to a bunch of black and white paper helped the background have a nice feel to it.


After selecting the paper, I just hand cut strips with scissors and layered them together on the page. It really was a super fast way to create a fun background on the page! After the background was glued down, it was fun to layer my photo plus kit embellishments on the page. Let me know if you try creating your own custom background of out patterned paper!

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