Designer’s Choice: Cards for the Year

By Jamie Leija

December 16, 2015

Hiya! Let’s chat about cards today, shall we? Do you make them? I know my friends and family love receiving the homemade cards I send for birthdays and anniversaries, new babies and sometimes Christmas. For whatever reason, I feel like I slacked off on this in 2015. I’ll blame it on being busy but really, I was probably just being lazy.

So to correct this for 2016, I decided I’d try to make as many cards as possible, early in the year!1512Dec-BirthdayGirlCard00

I wrote down all the important people in my life and tallied up the number of birthday cards I need to make for the year. It ended up being 21 cards–11 girl cards and 10 boy cards. Because for whatever reason, in my mind, cards for boys look very different from cards for girls!


I used the Tell Your Story kit and Documenter add on plus a few odds and ends from past Scrapbook Circle kits to make the ladies’ cards. ($15 Grab Bags are still around! If you’re interested in some goodies from past Scrapbook Circle kits). The digital cuts are very near and dear to my heart. So “happy” to have used them on these cards!


The boys’ cards ended up super simple. Kraft cardstock + patterned paper from the Tell Your Story kit die cut into zig zags + “Happy Birthday” die cut + date stamped birthday.

Using the same design for multiple cards made this whole process so quick and simple! And now I’m set for birthday cards for the year.

I’d absolutely encourage you to get started on any birthday cards you might want to send throughout the year. People love receiving them, you’ll love sending them. It’s really just a win win!

If you  make cards with your kit, be sure to share them with us! Either in the Scrapbook Circle Facebook Group or on Instagram. Just tag @scrapbook_circle or include the hashtag #scrapbookcircle


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