Design team choice: Adding humor to your page

By Jennifer Larson

December 12, 2015

Hello! It’s Jennifer Larson sharing a page that makes me laugh.

I love adding some humor to my pages because I love to smile when I look back at my stories. I want to share some ways that I added humor with a page this month:

The Cat Inside Stuff by Jennifer Larson

The Cat Inside Stuff details 1

Like most cats, my cat loves getting inside stuff. I decided to pull together some photos from this year and put them on a page together. Here’s what I did to highlight the humor:

  1. I used a lot of photos. Large amounts of the funny shots made her love of small spaces funnier.
  2. I enlarged the funniest photo of my cat with her paw on the glass of the bearded dragon’s tank. Enlarging the funniest photo makes it even funnier.
  3. I paired the funny shots with a somewhat classic, linear style. Pairing different styles (in this case funny and classic) adds humor.
  4. I selected word and phrase accents that had a serious tone but dealt with the theme of what my cat loves. Their serious, motivational words add a lightly mocking tone.

And that’s how I added some humor to my page. If you want to share something funny on a page, try one of these strategies and see how it goes!

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