Favorite December Photos – How to Get that Bokeh Shot

By Rebecca Keppel

November 18, 2015

Last year I finally figured out how to take a photo of my Christmas tree with all the pretty bokeh lights. If you’ve ever wondered how to get the lights to show up like this let me tell you! You need a digital SLR to take this photo. And you have to turn off auto focus. Once you have the camera set to manual focus just adjust the lens until it blurs as much as you want and take your photo! This is my favorite photo from last year and Scrapbook Circle’s Good Cheer collection was perfect to document it.rk sc nov-10

I loved combining the clear stickers, sequins, tags, and exclusive Scrapbook Circle stars.

rk sc nov -40I’ll definitely be taking bokeh shots again this year! If you give it a try, share on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook page! We would love to see!

🙂 Rebecca


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