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By Diana Waite

September 4, 2015

sometimes it’s just difficult to come up with a title for something you are not sure what it’s called.  Am I the only one that does that?  Making a name up for something that probably has a name but I make up a name to suit my needs…  Today I want to talk about something I’ve seen a few people do on scrapbook pages and wanted to try myself.  Here is my page and then I’ll break down the process:DianaWsenior

First off, yes that says Senior!  Where in the world has time gone?

Okay, moving on!

1.  For my background piece that I sliced (puzzled) I originally cut it to 8″ x 10″.

2. I then placed it in my trimmer and just began cutting random pieces.  Stacking them up so they wouldn’t get lost.

3.  After I cut all the pieces I assembled them back together again on my main sheet, like a PUZZLE making sure to leave space between so I can see the main sheet of paper peaking through.

4.  I then adhered them to the background, just tacking it down so that I could then sew it.  I sewed my pieces right down the middle.

5.  After I sewed the pieces on I then adhered my layered matted photo.

6.  I then bent the edges of the puzzled pieces up to give some dimension.

7.  I then looked at my page and realized I hadn’t done any journaling.  I decided to just journal down the thread!

We would love to see your pages trying this technique and Scrapbook Circle pages!  Don’t worry if yours looks nothing like mine–it’s the creative process!  Please make sure to share them on our Facebook page and tag us on Instagram @scrapbook_circle

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