One Item Wonder: Scrapbook Circle 3×4 Cards

When I think of uses for 3×4 cards, standard ideas like journaling, titles, grid design, and things like that come to mind. However, I asked creative team member Jenni to share with us how she used the Scrapbook Circle exclusive 3×4 cards this month and she blew me away with an idea I had never thought of!

THROWBACK_SBC_Sept 2015 border

Inspired by the circle number tags by Pretty Little Studio, Jenni punched circles from the chevron design 3×4 cards to create a confetti-like look on her layout.

THROWBACK_SBC_Sept 2015 (4)

What an easy way to use those 3×4 cards that you love, but haven’t found the right pocket or page for!

THROWBACK_SBC_Sept 2015 (6)

Treating 3×4 cards like a little pieces of patterned paper is a great idea, Jenni! Thanks for the tip!

How have you used the Scrapbook Circle 3×4 cards this month? We’d love to see! Be sure to share with us on the Facebook page here. Have a great day!

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