mixing metals. a design team choice.

By Diana Waite

September 23, 2015

I have a confession to make.  I am a very linear, follow the rules type person, if I read somewhere things have to be one way, I seem to just lean that direction in how I do stuff.  So when I am experimenting it’s sort of a big deal!  For this particular layout I put all my embellishments on my desk. I then just started creating using the pieces that were speaking to me this is the result: DianaW7vey I took a step back and realized something, I used two different types of metallic colors on this page!  I was sort of a little surprised because I NORMALLY tend to lean toward gold on my pages.  I mixed silver and gold and you know what I am TOTALLY okay with it!  The gold tones mix with the pop of yellow and the silver mixes with the pops of gray.

So what are your normal trends?  What are your go to “molds”?  Why not try something different, put everything on your desk and just create–you *MIGHT* surprise yourself!  We would love to see your pages on our Facebook page, please feel free to share!  If you are sharing on Instagram please feel to free to tag us with @scrapbook_circle.

FYI–my title is 7vey,  definition is the nickname given by 8th graders to the 7th graders in junior high.


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