Designer’s Choice: Tell random stories

By Jennifer Larson

September 12, 2015

Hello Hello! (Sorry, I couldn’t help it!) Today I want to inspire you to collect random photos  and put them on a page.

I spent the summer cleaning up my house, and when I finished some long-term scrapping projects, I found some photos of my boys I loved but had never scrapped. They all had a similar vibe–brotherly closeness and playfulness–so I put them together on a page to celebrate the next chapter in their lives together as brothers: middle school. They enter a new school together this year, but from now on when they change schools, they will do so separately. I wanted to memorialize where they are right now. Here’s the page:

Brotherly love by Jennifer Larson

I used the greens, blacks, and browns in the kit for a masculine flavor, and drawing from the yellow glow stick in the camping photo, I added pops of yellow to the page for playfulness. Here’s some details:

Brotherly love details 1

I altered the tag because wild spirit is plural in my family.

Brotherly love details 2

The chipboard letters spelled “Lovely,” but I only used the letters I needed for my story.

I created this page based on photos I stumbled upon. Try browsing your photo piles or files or phone and find images that you love, then search for other images that would add to your story and put them together on a layout.

Thank you for letting me share an inspiration idea! I hope this gives you ideas for create your next story.

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