Designer’s Choice: Mini book

By Jamie Leija

September 19, 2015

Hiya! I made a mini book this month and I’m so excited about it. I wanted to share how this came together, how I add things in bits and pieces, working on different parts and pages until the book was all done. I took a ton of pictures along the way and was trying to figure out how to best share this with you. And when I was playing around with Lightroom, I decided to make a slideshow. There’s no sound so don’t adjust your audio. It’s just photos of the pages in about three different stages: from the “storyboard” to in progress to complete.

And here are all of the finished pages to peruse at your leisure:

1509Sept-DecadeMini00ONLINE 1509Sept-DecadeMini02 1509Sept-DecadeMini03 1509Sept-DecadeMini04 1509Sept-DecadeMini05 1509Sept-DecadeMini06 1509Sept-DecadeMini07 1509Sept-DecadeMini08 1509Sept-DecadeMini09 1509Sept-DecadeMini10 1509Sept-DecadeMini11 1509Sept-DecadeMini12 1509Sept-DecadeMini13 1509Sept-DecadeMini14 1509Sept-DecadeMini15 1509Sept-DecadeMini16 1509Sept-DecadeMini17 1509Sept-DecadeMini18 1509Sept-DecadeMini19 1509Sept-DecadeMini20

Thanks for letting me share this mini with you. It’s one of my favorites ever!


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