Be Real: Documenting a night out

By Jennifer Larson

September 18, 2015

It’s Jennifer Larson, and I have a confession: as a mother of two boys, I don’t get out much anymore. When my boys went away for sleepaway camp this summer, my husband and I got to make a night of it and visit some of the taprooms in North Minneapolis. I took photos all night and shared them on Facebook, and later I put them together to document the whole night. Here’s my page:

Around Town by Jennifer Larson

I decided I wanted to put 7 photos on the page, so I printed them small. I also wanted to do a lot of distressing and mixed media to fit with the warehouse-look the taprooms had, so I started by spreading gesso on the page, then put a mask on and added modeling paste, topping it with blue and brown ink when it dried. Here you can see a bit peeking from under the photos:

Around Town details 1

Around Town details 2

I adhered the photos on dimensional stickers with extra glue to make them stick on the modeling paste and added the title, journaling, and embellishments when done.

Thank you for visiting today! I hope this gives you ideas for documenting a night out and playing around to reflect the place you went. Please share any pages you made on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook page!

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