Get Real: Scrap your outings

Hello! It’s Jennifer Larson sharing a page I made about a recent trip to a restaurant.

Most of the pages I make use photos from my phone. I don’t own a DSLR, and though I do have a point and shoot, it’s easier sometimes to just pull out my phone. My family doesn’t go out to eat much, so we tend to save it for special occasions, in this case my husband returning home after a business trip. I wanted to remember the time, so I took pictures with my phone (with a little help from my kids and our server). Here’s the page:

Freehouse Fun by Jennifer Larson

I printed the photos as I shared them on Facebook–in squares–which made them easy to line up. I printed them small since I wanted to leave space for the gorgeous Pink Paislee tags to help tell the story of our favorite restaurant. This left just enough room for a fun title on top and the journaling strips to the lower right. Here’s some details:

Freehouse Fun details 1

I picked the embellishments because they had words that seemed to reflect the outing. I also stitched everything down because I liked the linear feel it gave to the page from the top to the bottom. Plus, sewing is one of the easiest ways to adhere acrylic pieces.

Freehouse Fun details 2

Thank you for visiting the blog and checking out my page! I hope it inspires you to take the photos off your phone and put them on a page.

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