Designer’s Choice: A big photo backdrop

By Jennifer Larson

June 6, 2015

Hello! It’s Jennifer Larson with one of my favorites when scrapbooking: big photos.

Sometimes I use a big photo because it’s a great shot. Other times I use them to act as a background to add some details to my story without words. I did the latter with the following page:

Explore by Jennifer Larson

You’ll see that the big photo shot isn’t stellar–it’s early morning, so there are long shadows, and the subject (the half marathon runners) are pretty far away. Still, this shot served well as patterned paper to house the title, the journaling, and the photos of me. Here’s some details:

Explore details 1

Explore details 2

So if you’re thinking of using big photos, here’s some hints based off what I do:

  1. I use either 12×12 or 8×12, the first if the shot is amazing, the second if the shot is less engaging or needs less space.
  2. Select shots with white space for scrapbooking directly on the photo.
  3. You don’t need a wide-format printer to use big photos. I print mine at either Persnickety Prints or locally at National Camera Exchange.
  4. If you are printing 8×12, the easiest way to scrapbookg in the extra space is with strips of patterned paper.
  5. Use smaller photos to capture the subject if the big photo doesn’t.
  6. Overlap embellishments, title, smaller photos, or journaling. It connects them more.

So that’s my page using a big photo as a backdrop! Do try out this awesome size and share your creations on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook Page!

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  • Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration, I love this layout!

    June 7th, 2015 at 12:56 am

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