Color a design team choice.

By Diana Waite

June 13, 2015

Today I want to share some ideas about sharing color on layouts.

There is a myriad of ways to add a bit of color to a layout whether it be with pattern paper, colored pencils, chalk, gelatos, mist, glitter, or pens.  I want to focus on mist.  I have a whole shelf FULL and LOVE them,  I wanted to create something different.  I wanted to use them in a way other than just dropping the ink on the page or spraying.  I wanted to have a little more control of where my color was going to go, so I pulled out my paint brush!

I first started off by choosing the colors I wanted to use: brown, orange, and navy blue.  I then took the bottles and made sure that the color was mixed well so that when I did paint the color would be true to what I saw in the bottle.  For the background I used a smaller sponge brush.  Because the head of the paint brush is thicker I had to tip the bottle carefully onto the foam brush (you could also pour this into a separate bowl if you like)  I then began to paint the background of my paper–I wanted to make sure the color was evenly spread out, so I painted until I was satisfied.

For the die cut I tried two different ways of painting.  After my experiment I would suggest the second way.  Experiment number one: back selected circles then paint the edges with a fine tipped brush.  (when using a fine tipped brush you can dip it right into the bottle.)  After realizing that my hand wasn’t as steady as I would’ve liked I came up with experiment number two: paint the edges BEFORE backing them with pattern paper!

here is my completed layout:


I was pleased with the artsy results.  We would love to see your colorful layouts using any Scrapbook Circle kit on our Facebook page!

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