Inspiration & an Interview: Jennifer

As we celebrate Scrapbook Circle’s 9th anniversary this month, we are sharing our creative team’s favorite layouts created with this month’s kit – Hello Sunshine – as well as a little Q and A with each one. Our last creative team member to feature is Jennifer!

Faves by Jennifer LarsonQ: Tell us about your scrapbook page. What does it mean to you?

A: ​I don’t normally take photos like this—I had just gotten my repaired phone back from the shop and texted this photo to my husband. I love the phot because it makes me laugh, so I decided to make a page about my favorite things using this photo.

Q: What is your favorite, go-to technique when creating your pages?

A: ​Layering and sewing. I love overlapping elements on a page and “nailing them down” with stitches.

Faves Details 2

Q: What’s the first thing you do when your kit arrives?

A: ​I tend to put the box away until I have a free hour or so to open it and look through the kit. (Delayed gratification is good for me!) I first flip though the papers, checking out the colors, then I pull out the embellishments to see how big they are and what they feel like. At that point I go through my photos and find ones that remind me of the kit.

Q: If you could design the next Scrapbook Circle project kit (like this one, or this one), what would it be?

A: A library card memento drawer. I have printers’ drawers hanging on my walls and would love a small version like a library card drawer to keep a photo and some mementos.

Q: What do you love most about Scrapbook Circle?

A: I love how many pages I can make out of each kit—I never seem to run out of my favorites! That plus the colors and the inspirations from the design team—I love browsing their ideas. I find myself constantly thinking, “Wow! That is so clever/gorgeous/inspiring!”

Faves Details 3

We think your work is inspiring, too, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing with us today. Have a good one! Tessa

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