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By Diana Waite

February 4, 2015

Today I would like to talk a little bit about quilting….with paper.  I come from a LONG line of quilters.  Except my quilting is done with paper–I think I feel more comfortable with paper because if I mess up with paper you can throw it away vs. your material… ANYWAY, for my layout I want to share with you today I made a very SIMPLE pattern:  DianaWforeverloveHere are the instructions:

1.  I picked 4 sheets of paper from the Today is Beautiful kit and the Dream Big add on and cut each of them to 1 1/2″ x 6″.

2. I mounted those sheets of paper on a separate piece of 6 inch square piece of paper.

3. I then mounted those 6 inch square pieces to a 12 inch square sheet. (for my layout I rotated the smaller squares to give more interest-you could leave them just how they were if you would like.)

4. I sewed around the 6 inch square pieces.

5. I then cut a heart shape with my silhouette and placed it in the center and lightly traced around it.

6. Following the tracing I sewed around the hearts.

7. After all was sewn down I added my photo and embellishments–done!

I LOVED working with the quilting concept in a different way before.  What’s really interesting with quilting it that you can take this SAME pattern and use different papers and it will TOTALLY different!

*One of tip I would like to share: my 12 inch square sheet is a color of paper I’ve never really liked–I figured I could do that because I was covering it ALL up! 😉

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