February Guest Designer — Jen Ritchie

Happy Friday! Today we are thrilled to announce this month’s guest designer: Jen Ritchie. Let’s get to know her a little better.


Hey! So very thrilled to be here joining this fantabulous team this month!

​Originally from Canada, I moved to mainland China 10 years ago with my parents. I was only supposed to stay for a few months but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the culture, language and the everyday adventures. My heart was also captured by a tall, dark and handsome Aussie who has since become my husband. We now live in bustling vibrant Hong Kong with our mongrel puppy Scoutie. I am very lucky to be surrounded by scrapbooking goodies on a daily basis as one of the co-owners of Mei Li Paperie .

I started scrapbooking about 7 years ago when I wanted to find a way to document all my adventures. My focus is documenting what our everyday life is like here & now as young entrepreneurs in this city, because our life changes so fast and one day we may live in some other part of the world with our hands full of kids and look back upon this time as a faint memory of a past life ha ha! I am excited for my kids to look back on my albums in 20 years and go…you did that mom?

We asked Jen a few questions, and below are her answers:

If you could spend a day scrapbooking/crafting with anyone (friend, online friend, celebrity, etc) who would it be and why? I have been very lucky to attend workshops or at least hang out with many of my favourite scrapers when I go to CHA, but that is only once a year so I would love to have a local group here in Hong Kong who scraps regularly. Unfortunately, after many attempts I haven’t had much luck at getting crops or workshops to be a regular thing here. Crafting with anyone who loves it as much as me makes me happy!  The opportunities are few and far between! I am hoping to get to Singapore sometime soon and would love to hang out with Sasha Farina (again) and meet Leena Loh…I would also love to meet Jessy Christopher. Really, my list is humongous!


If you were designing a scrapbook collection, what ONE thing would make sure was in that line and why? Geez you don’t make these questions easy, ha ha! I do hope to design my own scrapbook collection one day soon so this has been a question that has been constantly on my mind. I don’t know if there is a specific thing that I would have, but I would make sure that the collection really reflected my character and who I am as a scrapbooker. It would definitely have to show my love for colour and fresh modern design. I would also love to find a way to incorporate the Asian cultures that are major influences in my life without being a collection that is limited to documenting trips and travel in Asia. Who knows…maybe you will all see soon enough.


What does a perfect day of scrapbooking look like for you? Is it day or night? Music or quiet? Crop or alone? I love being surrounded by creativity, good food and fabulous coffee! Any day crafting in a place with people that fit that description I am in paradise!


Jen has started off the month with this amazing page. Don’t you just love this?! What a sweet layout!


Look for more of Jen’s inspirational work this month as we showcase her projects along side the rest of the creative team.


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