Designer’s Choice: Creating photo templates

By Jennifer Larson

January 21, 2015

Hello! It’s Jennifer Larson, sharing a technique I use all the time: creating templates to print many photos on one print in Photoshop Elements (PSE) 10. I did this with the following page, where I printed 9 photos on an 8×10 print:

Favorite Photos 2014 by Jennifer Larson

I like using lots of photos on a page, but I hate trimming photos from a 4×6 print. Instead, I like putting more than one print on a page and printing it out that way. I use PSE 10 to do so. I am by no means an expert, and there are probably easier ways to do this than I do, but I thought I’d share my process for doing so in the following video:

Thank you for visiting the blog today! I hope I gave you ideas for using photo editing software to put more than 1 photo on a print. If you do, please share your page on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook Page!

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