Designer’s Choice: Manipulating grids

By Jennifer Larson

November 30, 2014

Hello! It’s Jennifer Larson, building off of something Gina wrote about earlier this month: designing with grids.

If I have a lot of photos and no focal point photo, I tend to use a grid. Here’s the page where I did this:

Hey Pepper by Jennifer Larson

And here’s some suggestions for how to make a grid look different every time you use it. (The first few suggestions I used on this page.)

1. Smoosh the photos together instead of leaving white space around them.
2. Sew between the photos in the grid, either by hand or like I did by machine.
3. Push the grid to one side to make it asymmetrical.
4. Swap out one or more spots on the grid for embellishments.
5. Use different shapes.
6. Replace one or more spots with journaling.
7. Raise some of the photos with dimensional stickers, or use your die cutter to punch a hole in the background to put the photo under the page..
8. Divide the grid: put the title or journaling in between a couple rows in the grid.
9. Overlap embellishments or journaling or title on top of some of the photos.

I hope this gives you some ideas for playing around with grids! When you do, post them on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook page to share.


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