Designer’s Choice: 6×6 Paper Pads

By Jamie Leija

November 22, 2014

Hiya! Let’s talk mini paper pads shall we? I love these wee things. I love the scaled down patterns and the pleasing square shape, a tiny curated mix of designs that will work perfectly paired together. Lisa does an awesome job picking out some truly great ones, like the Heidi Swapp September Skies one in this month’s Sweetness Add-on. I wanted to use every last one of the patterns and think I managed to on these pages.

So today I wanted to share a few strategies for using up those paper pads.


I’m noticing a personal design trend here. I like pushing things right to the edge (I posted about it on the blog a few weeks back). And for this page I balanced my design off two corners. It made me think of a baseball infield once I pasted the papers in place. I used 4 sheets layered on top of each other and threw a stripe in to each cluster. It was a lot of pattern, but I paired busier patterns with softer patterns to make sure it wasn’t too overwhelming.


And for this second page, I created a tiered look down the side. Layering patterns on top of each other but with a bit of a twist. Each sheet lifts up to reveal more photos and journaling.


I’ve had this page theme in my head for a bit and I’m so happy it came together, all thanks to the paper pad really.

I sketched out this idea for a page before I cut into anything. I didn’t have the theme in mind, just thinking about how I could incorporate a lot of these paper pad sheets on one layout. And in that process I thought it would be awesome to have the panels lift up! The idea of featuring all of my different social media profiles went so perfectly with that concept. Scroll down to see what’s under each tab.

1411Nov-SocialMedia03 1411Nov-SocialMedia04 1411Nov-SocialMedia06

With the help of layering, I managed to use nearly every pattern on the pad. And I still have a whole set left since there’s two of each design in there. I really liked that I put the majority of it to use.

If you haven’t nabbed the Sweetness Add-on yet, I suggest you do. Paired with the main kit, it was so inspirational for me to use! If you used the paper pad, we’d love to see what you did. Share it over on the Facebook page. I’ve just been scrolling back through to see everyone’s recent pages. I love leaving comments on your pages!


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  • Sara Kiiru

    i love these ideas! I’m inspired to try them!

    November 22nd, 2014 at 10:07 am

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