Designer’s Choice : Mini Tag Album

By Monika Głód

October 26, 2014

I love making albums, especially those mini ones. I had a lot of photos taken last year on my son’s 8th birthday. I printed them in black and white, and used October Kits to make a mini. First I cut different sizes of tags from watercolor paper. I made a hole with a puncher, and made cicrcles with hole to embellish  my tag base. I also cut different sizes of vellum and made a punch hole too. these were my dividers.  First, I always make a cover for my album, and then I’m doing the inside pages. I used embellishments in pastel colors, so  you can focus on my photos, which are well visible. I wanted to keep this album clean and simply, and I love how it turned out.   Mona mini tag album - Mona mini tag album mona a1 mona a1-2 mona a2 mona a3 mona a3-2 mona a4 mona a4-2 Mona mini tag album - -

One Comment on “Designer’s Choice : Mini Tag Album”

  • boblosan

    Love your tag mini – great idea! Cute kids, too 🙂

    October 28th, 2014 at 10:55 pm

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