Designer’s Choice: Designing a two-page layout

By Jennifer Larson

September 17, 2014

Hello! It’s Jennifer Larson, sharing some ideas for one of my favorite page designs: two-pagers.

I love taking lots of photos, and though I edit it down, I still like to put lots of pictures on my pages. As a result, I love making two-page layouts. Here are some of my hints for making a two-page design, based on one of my pages from this month:

Michigan by Jennifer Larson

1. Print photos all the same size and orientation, with one focal point photo enlargement. You can adjust this as needed, but I find it easier to design a two-page layout with the same size photos and one stand-out in a bigger size. I like printing the smaller photos 2.5×2.5 inches, 3×3 inches, or 2.5×3.5 inches, and I like printing the bigger photo in 5×7 or 8×12.

Michigan details 4

2. Stretch something across both pages. When I do this, I “jump the gutter” and make the page seem like one cohesive whole, even when I use different background papers like I did above.

3. Use a line of photos in some way. I love lines. I’m linear and can’t help it, but on a two-page layout, this can help you make the two-pages connect as well.

Michigan details 1

Michigan details 2

4. Balance elements across the two-pages. I learned this years ago when I started scrapping: if you put something on one side of the page, put it on the other in a different amount. The balance created is pleasing to the eye. In a two-page layout, this can create greater cohesion between the two pages. Here I added gold dots to both sides, added the kraft tags to both sides, and made blue star banners on each page in different sizes and amounts.

Michigan details 3

5. Use a shape and balance to create motion. This page has a strong vertical ad horizontal line, which draws the eye across the page. The end point in this shape is a wonky photo block, which ends the page emphatically. That is the way the eye travels across the page. try designing with an L shape like this, or a C shaped design, or a triangle, or a circle.

Those are a few suggestions for creating a two-page layout. If you have a lot of photos and want to try stretching them out onto two pages, post your design on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook page so we can check it out. Have fun designing!


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