Designer’s Choice : Hello Summer-mini album

By Monika Głód

August 30, 2014

Hi everyone!  I want to share with you album I’ve made for my friend as a bday gift. I used only main august Scrapbook Circle kit Island Paradise. I also have a short tutorial how to make this album – inside pages and the cover. Hope You will like it! Monika_album_2 sc

1. Take a 12×12″ cardstock page. lightly fold it on 3 pieces vertically , and then in a half horizontally. 1

2. Cut the page in the middle, but leave 1 of the 3 folded parts uncutted. ( look at the photo) 2   3. Now fold it just like on the photos. Use a bone folder if you want. Glue together the middle pages to create one page. You will receive an “accordion “. 3   4   4. Cut the paper strip (12×6″)  from the 12×12″ patterned paper. Fold it like on the photo, so the front and back of the cover should fit your accordion pages ((4×6″), leave a place for a spine (1/2″) from both sides. it should have dimensions  from the left: 4×6″-1/2″-4×6″-1/2″ – and the rest which you can cut smaller if you want. 5 6   5. This is accordion inside with a cover. Time to adhere it together. I’m doing this with a washi tape. Just tape the inside with the cover where the red line is drawn.   7a 9 it should look like this: 10 The base is ready time to embellish it. This is my finished album, I used ONLY main kit Island Paradise .   Monika_album_2 sc   Monika_album_1 Monika_album_3 Monika_album_4 Monika_album_5 Monika_album_6 Monika_album_7 Monika_album_8 and details: IMG_1813a IMG_1815a IMG_1817a IMG_1818a IMG_1820a

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