Designer’s Choice: Hand Cut Letters

By Jamie Leija

August 24, 2014

Hey y’all! So I have a tip for you if you’re looking for alphas to coordinate with this kit…or any Scrapbook Circle kit! Use your scraps to create a unique title customized for your page. That’s what I did for this page about my bestie’s birthday. I had fun chopping up some leftover bits and baubs and creating this funky headline.


Here’s another page that features a big hand cut title. It was so much fun to make! So I wanted to share a quick tutorial on hand cutting letters.


Here’s what I started out with: 26 scraps that I cut into rough rectangles.


And here they are all cut out and lined up pretty.


I created the whole alpha to share especially with you! And I even kept all those little scraps so you could get a rough idea of how I cut them. A few of them needed some extra attention after the fact. (I’m looking at you “G” and “S”!) It was hard to do these in just one or two cuts. But once that was done I shaved a bit off here and there, tidied them up a bit and lightly adhered them to my page.


I ran the final layout through my sewing machine to fully adhere the letters down.

I also want to point out that I embraced the general shape of the letters and didn’t even try to cut out the “insides”. I think it makes them that much more whimsical! To compensate though, I added a few of the wood veneer sequins from the Tiki Torch Add-on in the spots where the “holes” (seriously if there’s a correct word for this comment and let me know!) in the letters should have been.


It was fun for me to do some hand cutting again. I haven’t done this since I purchased my Silhouette and it was good to get back to the “old” way of doing things.

If you take a stab at your scraps and hand cut some letters, be sure to share it in the Scrapbook Circle Facebook group. I’d love to see it!


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