Mood Board inspiration

By Diana Waite

July 14, 2014

Mood boards are so clever-I really like how they make you think.  This month’s inspiration is no exception:

I was inspired by SO many elements, so I’m just going to name them here in no particular order (even though I’m numbering them!)DianaWcheese!

1. I loved the colorful cars, I wanted to recreate that feel so I added those same basic colors.  Also what you can’t tell from the pictures of my son are that he is sitting in an old rusted out vehicle on my in-laws property.  (That happened to be the day they discovered it and BONUS I had my camera!)

2. I wanted to recreate the sprinkles, so I used orange, green, vanilla, and red mist to splatter.

3. I really liked the cursive green font, so I added a title in cursive and hints of green throughout the layout.

4. The shiny bow on the front of the t-shirt really caught my eye.  I wanted something shiny but not necessarily a bow as this was my son’s layout.  I used a transparency to get that same shiny look.

We would really like to see how this mood board inspired you–please feel free to share your creations on our Facebook page!


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