Be Real, by Diana.

By Diana Waite

June 20, 2014

Well hello!  Today I am sharing a page I created using some of my Instagram pictures and this month’s Kit.  I have to say I REALLY enjoy Instagram–(no invites to silly games just pictures!)  I really like that you can mix photos from your phone and camera in the app AND that you can play with their filters to get JUST the right look.  But I think my favorite part of Instagram is that it is a QUICK look into your life through pictures.DianaWlenslove

For this layout I took the picture with my phone as it was a picture of my camera!  This picture was taken Christmas morning, I was seriously SO beside myself, I had been wanting this lens for a long time and asked Santa the year before–he said, “No.”  So I decided to be a good girl and ask again this past Christmas and lo and behold!  (on a side note this lens has performed like a DREAM–making shooting “under the lights” doable!)

What you may not notice but is important for me, is that in the background you can see my NEW PJ’s and my youngest son’s new addition to his orange obsession–seriously the kid LOVES orange!  I used that orange as inspiration and dropped some orange mist on my page–there was so much that I dabbed my sponge brush in the center and then painted the edge of my page with it– sort of blends in with the paper a bit.

We would LOVE for you to share your Instagram photography in your layouts and spreads–please feel free to share them to our Facebook page!



2 Comments on “Be Real, by Diana.”

  • What a surprise this lens in on my list too. Haha And the layout is amazing.

    June 20th, 2014 at 7:38 am
  • Great layout and an awesome lens!

    June 20th, 2014 at 8:48 pm

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