This totally Happened.

By Leslie Ashe

March 26, 2014

oh yes…yes it did.

Back a few months ago, my family ventured out to one of my favorite places to hang out
in downtown Fort Worth, Texas (Sundance Square) for some family photos.

as the time was dwindling down, the family was literally done with me and the photos.
you can’t tell that by my picture here, right? I caught each person doing something different, wishing they
were somewhere else other than RIGHT there at THAT moment. My son Shaypher is showing his witty side by looking away.
Savannah’s wondering what time her date is picking her up and my dear husband Alan…he’s probably dreaming of his bike ride
and how many miles he’s about to ride. (at least that’s MY interpretation of this photo of my precious family)
Not one member knew I was snapping photos at this point. So this is priceless to me.

The Amy Tan “Plus One” Thickers in this months’ kit are PERFECT for this.
This truly happened. My sweet family is EVERYTHING I could ever hope for, dream of, have.
I’m one blessed girl with this group.

I put this layout together so easily with tearing and layering patterned papers, as well as layering 3 different patterns as my background.
My favorite parts of this layout are the limited stamp, limited flair & the awesome triangle brads.

Have fun with your Portobello kit today!

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