black & white

By Diana Waite

October 4, 2013

I LOVE experimenting with photography–ESPECIALLY when my models are willing and WANTING me to take pictures.  I made a plan for the first day of school pictures this year.  Actually it was my kid’s idea–get dressed up in their first day of school clothes the day BEFORE!  It was GREAT because we had more time–they weren’t rushed, and I captured some great candid RELAXED shots of my kids.  One of those pictures is featured on this layout:


I really wanted my boy’s eyes to be in focused while the background was not–it helps that my boy is pretty photogenic, to add some more artistic touch and fun I changed the photo to black & white in photoshop.

Black & white photos are seriously FUN especially if the coloring in your photos are off OR you want your paper to shine.  It’s an easy fix for something fun!

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