Take 2.

By Diana Waite

August 26, 2013

Take 2 challenges are FUN for me, it’s where I look at an older layout I have made for Scrapbook Circle and lift myself, improving it if I think it needed improvement.  This is my original layout from WAY back in November of 2010:


I remember making this layout, I LOVED it!  Don’t know if it was because of the quote or the gem of a picture that literally was taken in a second.  The kids called out to me I turned around in my chair (we were at a Lacrosse game for my nephew) and snapped this picture.  I turned back around and finished watching the game…

I really like how my take 2 turned out as well:


Funny thing is my nephew that was playing in the Lacrosse game is in this layout!  I LOVE that I could use that wonderful piece of cardstock (included in the cardstock add on which can be seen HERE)as the background–just loved the color the moment I saw it!  I didn’t have a piece of ribbon or jute so I wanted to mimic that.  I cut 2 pieces of the darker cardstock at about 1 1/4″, I roughed up the edges of the cardstock with my scissors and then I then sprayed it with gold mist.  While it was wet and pliable I folded it placing one piece on the other.  After it was dry I snipped the ends to make it look more like a ribbon.

I will add the journaling on the back as I intend to give this to my brother’s family as a gift.

This was a SUPER fun challenge–YOU should try it!  We would love to see your pages on our Facebook page.

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