Lifting You – Tanya

Hello! Today we are sharing Diana W.’s lift of subscriber Tanya’s page. She shared her work with us on Facebook — and are we glad she did! Such a fun and eye-catching page…


We love Tanya’s layering with so many patterns and colors going on that they work so well together and create amazing things to see on this page. I love the camera, the #3 on the photo and the die cut pattern in the background.

Tanya was lifted by Diana W. with this page.


Her layout really shows off the blues and yellows in this kit. She really liked the placement of the pictures in the lifted page the corners touching, and it made her eye focus on that. She went a bit further by cutting the lined die cut to draw the eyes again toward the pictures.

Diana didn’t have any doilies so she went ahead and punched some flowers which had their centers punched out PERFECT for the stickers included in the kit — they each coincidentally had doilies on them!

Gorgeous work from both Tanya and Diana W. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

If you would like to be considered for our Lifting You feature, share your work using Scrapbook Circle kits on our Facebook page!


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