Be Real – A Fun Week

By Dani Donner

July 19, 2013

HI everyone! Dani Donner here with a cool way to use your Instagrams on a Project life spread. As I mentioned before, I’m approaching project life in a very relaxed way, no weekly spread pressure.


This spread is part of my March (I know… Behind much?) month update. Towards the end of the month I started a new job in Downtown Toronto, it’s a very long commute but being downtown has its perks. This cool expo is one of them, those events are so cool!


When I’m planning/printing my pictures I re-size my Instagrams to 3×3, that way they can fit in the 3×4 pockets if I have used all my 4×6 ones. That way I can also put 2 pictures in a 4×6 print. 🙂 It’s all about saving money… 🙂


What I also do is re-size some of them to a 2×2, that way I can fit 6 in a single 4×6 print! Saving money and space (and a lot of time while sorting pictures… I’m always torn between at least 3 pictures of the same event… Oh well).

I try to make my project life as easy as possible for me, with minimal planning, so having the flexibility of sticking my pictures wherever I want is just a must! You should try it some time, 3×3 Instagrams are just perfect for that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dani Donner

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