Project Life – Catching Up

By Dani Donner

June 23, 2013

Hi everyone! Dani Donner here today for a confession: as much as I tried avoiding Project Life, with all the amazing inspiration I’ve seen here I caved in… Yep, I’m the newest member on the Project Life wagon! I can’t say how grateful I am right now, my family already loves the project and they keep bringing me little mementos from their lives. It’s been awesome!

I can’t say I am OCD, but I couldn’t, for the life in me, start this project mid-year. So, what did I do? A quick catch up from all the months I missed! Yes, monthly spreads, with whatever pictures I had and major events.


This system is working so well! I took away the weekly spread pressure and am enjoying the freedom. I divide my spreads by month, with a card stating which month we are talking about and allow myself ill up as many pages as I need for that month, just add dates if needed and keep moving forward.


I can add daily routines or major events alike, no pressure, just pieces of our lives at the moment. I’m so so glad I caved in, it is an amazing project. Are you on the wagon with me?

Thanks or stopping by,

Dani Donner

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