Be Real

Once a month we like to take a look at those real moments that we take the time to document. Using Instagram, camera phone pictures or Project Life the DT takes a moment to highlight those little things we find important each and every day.

Here is a layout from Holly…


…and a little bit from her about the page: “I love Instagram not only because it’s quick and easy, but because it makes me think about taking pictures, I probably wouldn’t otherwise. This page is about my new running shoes. I normally wouldn’t have taken the time to get my big camera out and snap this picture, but I’m glad I did.

I’ve been struggling with exercising regularly for a while now, but I signed up for several 5K’s this summer to motivate me to run and make exercise part of my daily routine. After I met some personal fitness goals, these shoes were my reward. I’m glad that I took the picture and marked down this occasion and my accomplishment.

Just a note, the Maggie Holmes frames are the PERFECT size for printed Instagram pictures.”

Now here’s a layout that I made…


My friend Sara and I have been swapping morning pictures of each other from our desks at work. It’s been so fun, and I have to say that I think a little bit more about what I wear because I know I’ll be sharing a picture. I like looking back, too, to see what I might have paired together in the past and it’s a great reminder of what is in my closet. Sometimes I forget I had a certain scarf or sweater and it jogs my memory.

For me, too, it also gives me a chance to make scrappy girly pages. When you document a boy’s life all the time, it’s nice to have a reason to use the bows and florals that came in the My Favorite kit this month.

I hope we’ve inspired you to snap those daily pics and document them!

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