DEAR LIZZY 5th & Frolic stickers.

By Diana Waite

October 21, 2012

Isn’t Frolic a funny word?  As a verb it means: Play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically.  As a noun: A playful action or movement.  I think both of these definitions fit me PERFECTLY as I worked with these fun stickers:

I liked these stickers SO much that I used them on over half of my projects in the gallery this month!  They are totally fun and unique, I don’t know that I have a favorite.  I do wanted to share just one of my projects that highlight quite a few of the stickers:

Can you see the stickers?  Let me point them out to you.  The title, the feathers, the house, the borders strip, the arrow and the gold seal.  So you can see they can be used as accents and as titles–FUN!

We would LOVE to see your projects that you have made with this kit–please feel free to share them on our Facebook page!


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