Lifting You – Patricia

New design team member, Allison, is lifting subscriber Patricia today. Patricia shared her work using Scrapbook Circle kits on the Scrapbook Circle Facebook page.

I love the bold colors and patterns Patricia used with the chevron background. It is such an eye-catching page. I love the way that your eye is drawn immediately to the picture and then down to the title. Fabulous layout!

Allison lifted Patricia using the new August kit. She also used the chevron style to create a focus on the photo, but in a more minimalistic approach. I love how her design is still clustered to the side of the page like Patricia did. Gorgeous lift!

Would you like to be considered for our Lifting You feature? Share your work using Scrapbook Circle kit on our Facebook page and you could be chosen to be featured here!

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    January 6th, 2015 at 4:28 pm

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